Summer 2020 SouthArk Course Listing

The fee shown includes Testing, Insurance, Travel, Screening, Professional, and other fees directly associated with a course.
Sections with a campus designation of HSCS are restricted to Concurrent and Secondary Career Center students.
Course Number Course Title Term Starts Days TimeCampus Location Instructor Enrollment Fees
ACAP 103 190Career ExplorationU106-01WEB OnlineTracy, Deanna3/300
ACAP 107A 290Everyday HealthU207-01WEB OnlineTracy, Deanna3/300
ACAP 108A 290Job ReadinessU207-01WEB OnlineTracy, Deanna3/300
ACAP 109A 190Cultural AwarenessU106-01WEB OnlineTracy, Deanna3/300
ACCT 2003 090Prin of Accounting ISU06-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn4/240
ACCT 2003 190Prin of Accounting IU106-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn0/300
ACCT 2103 090Prin of Accounting IISU06-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn5/240
ACCT 2103 290Prin of Accounting IIU207-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn0/00
ADMS 1003 090Introductory AcctSU06-01WEB OnlineWard, Tammy10/300
ARTI 2003 191Art AppreciationU106-01WEB OnlineBriere, Michael7/300
BIOL 1004 290Fund of BiologyU207-01WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew12/3030
BIOL 2003 190Nutrition & DietU106-01WEB OnlineEverett, Keith25/300
BIOL 2003 290Nutrition & DietU207-01WEB OnlineWache, Susanne14/300
BIOL 2064 190Anat & Phys IU106-01WEB OnlineWache, Susanne24/3030
BIOL 2064 290Anat & Phys IU207-01WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew20/3030
BIOL 2064 918Anat & Phys IU207-01HSCSOnlineConnior, Matthew1/130
BIOL 2074 290Anat & Phys IIU207-01WEB OnlineWache, Susanne24/3030
BIOL 2074 291Anat & Phys IIU207-01WEB OnlineEverett, Keith25/3030
BSTD 0211 190Comp I LabU106-01WEB OnlineAlbritton, Carolyn9/300
BSTD 0413 090Elem AlgebraSU06-01WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita8/3030
BSTD 0513 090Interm AlgebraSU06-01WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley10/2430
BSTD 0603 090English ISU06-01WEB OnlineAlbritton, Carolyn7/300
BUSI 1003 090Amer Enterprise SystmSU06-01WEB OnlineHendricks, Donna10/300
CRJU 2103 190Police AdministrationU106-01WEB OnlineChampion, Micheal3/300
CRJU 2403 290Criminal InvestigationU207-01WEB OnlineChampion, Micheal4/300
CSCI 1003 090Comp & Info ProcessSU06-01WEB OnlineTurner, Roslyn32/3625
CSCI 1003 918Comp & Info ProcessSU06-01HSCSOnlineHendricks, Donna2/225
CSCI 2143 090Microcomp: Bus AppsSU06-01WEB OnlineWard, Tammy6/3025
CSCI 2223 090ExcelSU06-01WEB OnlineWard, Tammy8/2225
CSCI 2223 918ExcelSU06-01HSCSOnlineWard, Tammy3/325
ECON 2003 090Macroecon PrinciplesSU06-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn11/300
ECON 2103 090Microeconomic PrinciplesSU06-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn5/240
ECTC 2903 090Future Perspect ECESU06-01WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan1/120
ENGL 1113 190Composition IU106-01WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda20/240
ENGL 1113 191Composition IU106-01WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda11/240
ENGL 1113 918Composition IU106-01HSCSOnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda3/30
ENGL 1123 290Composition IIU207-01WEB OnlineBaine, Jennifer22/240
ENGL 1123 291Composition IIU207-01WEB OnlineBaine, Jennifer23/250
ENGL 1123 918Composition IIU207-01HSCSOnlineBaine, Jennifer4/40
ENGL 2213 190Literature IU106-01WEB OnlineLarkin, Scott14/240
HIST 1013 190Hist of Civ Since 1700U106-01WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth4/50
HIST 2013 190Hist of US to 1876U106-01WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth8/300
HIST 2013 290Hist of US to 1876U207-01WEB OnlineReed, Bart5/300
HIST 2023 290Hist of US Since 1876U207-01WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth7/300
HIST 2033 190Hist of ArkansasU106-01WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth8/300
HPER 1403 290Per & Com HealthU207-01WEB OnlineMcGaugh- Jones, Nena9/300
HSCI 1003 090Medical TerminologySU06-01WEB OnlineBauldree, Sarah13/600
MATH 1023 090College AlgebraSU06-01WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita10/2930
MATH 1023 290College AlgebraU207-01WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita3/2430
MATH 1023 918College AlgebraSU06-01HSCSOnlineMorgan, Vernita2/430
MATH 1033 090Plane TrigonometrySU06-01WEB OnlineWilson, Christy0/00
MATH 1073 090Technical MathSU06-01WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley5/300
MATH 1113 090Mathematical ReasoningSU06-01WEB OnlineWilson, Christy5/300
MATH 2103 090Intro to StatisticsSU06-01WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita3/240
MATH 2123 090Math for Health ProfSU06-01WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley42/600
MBIO 1124 190Microbiology/LabU106-01WEB OnlineBates, Linda19/2450
MBIO 1124 191Microbiology/LabU106-01WEB OnlineBates, Linda19/2450
MGMT 1114 090Prctcm/Internship ISU06-01WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn0/240
MUSI 2003 090Music AppreciationSU06-01WEB OnlineSlater, Marion10/300
PSCI 2003 090Amer Govt: NationalSU06-01WEB OnlineBarton, Mark11/300
PSYC 2003 190General PsychologyU106-01WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling24/300
PSYC 2003 290General PsychologyU207-01WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling4/240
PSYC 2223 290Developmental PsychU207-01WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling31/320
SASC 0103 090SouthArk SuccessSU06-01WEB OnlineJones, Elizabeth9/240
SASC 1101 090Campus TechnologySU06-01WEB OnlineCagle, Benjamin63/30015
SOCI 2003 090Intro to SociologySU06-01WEB OnlineSpivey, Kensel10/300
SPCH 1113 190Principles of SpeechU106-01WEB OnlineHall, Gary12/300
THEA 2003 290Theatre AppreciationU207-01WEB OnlineHall, Gary9/300
THEA 2003 918Theatre AppreciationU207-01HSCSOnlineHall, Gary1/10