Spring 2020 SouthArk Course Listing

The fee shown includes Testing, Insurance, Travel, Screening, Professional, and other fees directly associated with a course.
Sections with a campus designation of HSCS are restricted to Concurrent and Secondary Career Center students.
Course Number Course Title Term Starts Days TimeCampus Location Instructor Enrollment Fees
ACCT 2003 090Prin of Accounting ISP01-13WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn7/3039722280
ACCT 2103 090Prin of Accounting IISP01-13WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn7/3039722088
ACCT 2113 090Computerized AccountingSP01-13WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn7/304043624
ARTI 2003 090Art AppreciationSP01-13WEB OnlineBriere, Michael11/2139727664
ARTI 2003 918Art AppreciationSP01-13HSCSOnlineBriere, Michael9/939727664
BIOL 1004 090Fund of BiologySP01-13WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew8/3039723192
BIOL 2003 090Nutrition & DietSP01-13WEB OnlineWache, Susanne25/3039751592
BIOL 2003 091Nutrition & DietSP01-13WEB OnlineWache, Susanne3/3039751592
BIOL 2064 090Anat & Phys ISP01-13WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew30/3039010848
BIOL 2064 091Anat & Phys ISP01-13WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew4/3039010848
BIOL 2074 090Anat & Phys IISP01-13WEB OnlineWache, Susanne13/3039057208
BIOL 2074 092Anat & Phys IISP01-13WEB OnlineEverett, Keith29/3039057208
BIOL 2303 030KinesiologySP01-13WEB OnlineCraig, Sarah8/3039726848
BLAW 2013 090Legal Env of BusinessSP01-13WEB OnlineBarton, Mark17/3039751256
BSTD 0413 090Elem AlgebraSP01-13WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita6/3039057448
BSTD 0513 090Interm AlgebraSP01-13WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley4/3039038480
BUSI 1003 090Amer Enterprise SystmSP01-13WEB OnlineRoomsburg, James16/3039759000
BUSI 2063 090Bus CommunicationsSP01-13WEB Online5/3039055648
CRJU 1103 090Intro to Criminal JusticeSP01-13WEB OnlineChampion, Micheal0/2439011232
CRJU 2513 090Juvenile JusticeSP01-13WEB OnlineChampion, Micheal10/2439753824
CRJU 2603 090Arkansas Juvenile LawSP01-13WEB OnlineChampion, Micheal4/2439721968
CSCI 1003 090Comp & Info ProcessSP01-13WEB OnlineTurner, Roslyn30/3039038120
CSCI 1003 091Comp & Info ProcessSP01-13WEB Online16/2839038120
CSCI 1003 290Comp & Info ProcessS203-09WEB Online4/3039038120
CSCI 1003 918Comp & Info ProcessSP01-13HSCSOnline0/2439038120
ECED 1033 090Practicum ISP01-13WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan3/2439041648
ECED 1043 090Ethics & ProfessionalismSP01-13WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan7/2439041216
ECON 2103 090Microeconomic PrinciplesSP01-13WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn14/3039030616
ECTC 2503 290Child GuidanceS201-13WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan5/3039760248
ECTC 2703 190Preschool CurriculumS101-13WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan2/3039030400
ECTC 2903 190Future Perspect ECES101-13WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan4/3039726680
EDUC 2313 090Intro Educational TechSP01-13WEB OnlineSmith, Rachel6/2439057040
ENGL 1113 090Composition ISP01-13WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda12/2339009048
ENGL 1113 918Composition ISP01-13HSCSOnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda1/139009048
ENGL 1123 090Composition IISP01-13WEB OnlineBaine, Jennifer14/2439753080
ENGL 1123 091Composition IISP01-13WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda5/3039753080
ENGL 2223 090Literature IISP01-13WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda2/3039759912
GEOG 2003 090Intro to GeographySP01-13WEB OnlineMeizler, Michael4/3039055864
HCIT 2173 090Reimbursement MethodologySP01-13WEB OnlineAskins, Constance4/3036197168
HCIT 2183 090Adv Medical Coding IISP01-13WEB OnlineHeyde, Susan4/3039030280
HCIT 2191 090Practice Coding IISP01-13WEB OnlineHeyde, Susan4/3039752672
HCIT 2262 090Medical Ethics & LawSP01-13WEB OnlineAskins, Constance5/3039761928
HIST 1003 290Hist of Civ to 1700S203-09WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth7/2939009576
HIST 1003 918Hist of Civ to 1700S203-09HSCSOnlineBridges, Kenneth1/139009576
HIST 1013 190Hist of Civ Since 1700S101-13WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth4/3039729296
HIST 2023 090Hist of US Since 1876SP01-13WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth16/3039052160
HIST 2033 190Hist of ArkansasS101-13WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth3/3039727520
HIST 2043 290African-American HistoryS203-09WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth2/3039752984
HPER 1403 090Per & Com HealthSP01-13WEB OnlineWhitmore, Nancy14/3039753440
HSCI 1003 090Medical TerminologySP01-13WEB OnlineMcKinnon, Cheryl20/3039032128
MATH 1023 090College AlgebraSP01-13WEB OnlineWilson, Christy12/3039728240
MATH 1073 090Technical MathSP01-13WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley2/3039033088
MATH 1113 090Mathematical ReasoningSP01-13WEB OnlineWilson, Christy3/2439732904
MATH 2103 090Intro to StatisticsSP01-13WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita5/2939057832
MATH 2103 918Intro to StatisticsSP01-13HSCSOnlineMorgan, Vernita1/139057832
MATH 2123 090Math for Health ProfSP01-13WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley30/3039752792
MATH 2123 091Math for Health ProfSP01-13WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley5/3039752792
MUSI 2003 090Music AppreciationSP01-13WEB Online12/3039730048
PHIL 2003 090Intro to PhilosophySP01-13WEB OnlineBorland, Tully4/3039011088
PHYS 1004 090Physical SciencesSP01-13WEB OnlineLayton, Bruce13/2439722976
PSCI 2003 090Amer Govt: NationalSP01-13WEB OnlineBarton, Mark6/3039753776
PSCI 2013 090Amer Govt:State/LocalSP01-13WEB OnlineBarton, Mark4/3039730600
PSYC 2003 090General PsychologySP01-13WEB OnlineBagwell, Susan17/2439730504
PSYC 2003 091General PsychologySP01-13WEB OnlineSmith, Emily8/3039730504
PSYC 2003 918General PsychologySP01-13HSCSOnlineBagwell, Susan0/639730504
PSYC 2203 090.Abnormal PsychologySP01-13WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling14/3039723840
PSYC 2223 090Developmental PsychSP01-13WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling13/4139019624
PSYC 2223 091Developmental PsychSP01-13WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling3/2439019624
RADT 1001 090Intro to RadiographySP01-13WEB OnlineRoper, Kelly12/3039731248
RADT 1122 090Patient Care & Pro IISP01-13WEB OnlineRoper, Kelly9/1239052232
SASC 0103 090SouthArk SuccessSP01-13WEB OnlineJones, Elizabeth14/6039751736
SASC 1101 090Campus TechnologySP01-13WEB OnlineCagle, Benjamin58/30039054160
SOCI 2003 090Intro to SociologySP01-13WEB OnlineAndrews, Larry15/2939010944
SOCI 2003 918Intro to SociologySP01-13HSCSOnlineSpivey, Kensel1/139010944
SOCI 2013 090Social ProblemsSP01-13WEB OnlineSpivey, Kensel3/2439056008
SOCI 2033 090Marriage & the FamilySP01-13WEB OnlineSpivey, Kensel12/3039011952
SPCH 1113 090Principles of SpeechSP01-13WEB OnlineOden, Lisa7/3039056992
SPCH 1113 091Principles of SpeechSP01-13WEB OnlineSlater, Marion7/2439056992
THEA 2003 090Theatre AppreciationSP01-13WEB OnlineHall, Gary9/2939727400
THEA 2003 918Theatre AppreciationSP01-13HSCSOnlineHall, Gary1/139727400