Fall 2020 SouthArk Course Listing

The fee shown includes Testing, Insurance, Travel, Screening, Professional, and other fees directly associated with a course.
Sections with a campus designation of HSCS are restricted to Concurrent and Secondary Career Center students.
Course Number Course Title Term Starts Days TimeCampus Location Instructor Enrollment Fees
ACCT 2003 090Prin of Accounting IFA08-17WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn15/300
ACCT 2103 090Prin of Accounting IIFA08-17WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn3/300
ACCT 2113 090Computerized AccountingFA08-17WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn5/240
ADMS 1003 090Introductory AcctFA08-17WEB OnlineRoomsburg, James6/240
ADMS 1013 090Fund of KeyboardingFA08-17WEB OnlineJones, Pamela1/2415
ADMS 1023 090Intermediate KeyboardingFA08-17WEB OnlineJones, Pamela10/2415
ARTI 2003 090Art AppreciationFA08-17WEB OnlineBriere, Michael29/290
ARTI 2003 918Art AppreciationFA08-17HSCSOnlineBriere, Michael1/10
BIOL 2003 090Nutrition & DietFA08-17WEB OnlineWache, Susanne43/430
BIOL 2064 031Anat & Phys IFA08-17WEB OnlineWache, Susanne0/030
BIOL 2064 032Anat & Phys IFA08-17WEB Everett, Keith0/030
BIOL 2064 033Anat & Phys IFA08-17WEB OnlineEverett, Keith0/030
BIOL 2064 037Anat & Phys IFA08-17WEB OnlineWache, Susanne0/030
BIOL 2064 090Anat & Phys IFA08-17WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew31/3130
BIOL 2064 091Anat & Phys IFA08-17WEB OnlineConnior, Matthew31/3130
BIOL 2074 031Anat & Phys IIFA08-17WEB OnlineEverett, Keith0/2430
BIOL 2074 037Anat & Phys IIFA08-17WEB OnlineEverett, Keith0/030
BIOL 2074 090Anat & Phys IIFA08-17WEB OnlineWache, Susanne24/3030
BIOL 2174 002Microbiology/LabFACANCELLED0/2050
BIOL 2174 030Microbiology/LabFA08-17WEB OnlineBates, Linda20/2050
BIOL 2174 031Microbiology/LabFA08-17WEB OnlineBates, Linda20/2050
BIOL 2301 090Kinesiology LabFA08-17WEB OnlineWhitmore, Nancy3/1530
BIOL 2303 090KinesiologyFA08-17WEB OnlineWhitmore, Nancy15/250
BSTD 0211 030Comp I LabFA08-17WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda5/120
BSTD 0211 090Comp I LabFA08-17WEB OnlineBaine, Jennifer13/130
BSTD 0211 091Comp I LabFA08-17WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda4/120
BTEC 2143 090Business ApplicationsFA08-17WEB OnlineWard, Tammy12/3030
BUSI 2013 090Business StatisticsFA08-17WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn5/240
BUSI 2043 090Customer Serv & SupportFA08-17WEB OnlineRoomsburg, James10/100
BUSI 2063 090Bus CommunicationsFA08-17WEB OnlineTravis, Kaci21/300
BUSI 2903 090Special Topics BusinessFA08-17WEB OnlineWard, Tammy5/525
CHEM 1014 030College Chemistry IFA08-17WEB OnlineBates, Linda4/835
COMM 1403 090Edit & Post-ProductionFA08-17WEB Online3/2440
CRJU 2103 090Police AdministrationFA08-17WEB OnlineChampion, Micheal6/300
CSCI 1003 090Intro to ComputersFA08-17WEB OnlineTurner, Roslyn29/3030
CSCI 1003 091Intro to ComputersFA08-17WEB Online30/3030
CSCI 1003 190Intro to ComputersF108-17WEB Online16/3030
CSCI 1003 290Intro to ComputersF210-12WEB Online6/3030
ECED 1003 090Fnd Early Childhood EdFA08-17WEB OnlineSmith, Rachel13/3020
ECED 1033 090Technical Practicum IFA08-17WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan5/3020
ECED 2053 190Admin Preschool ProgramF108-17WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan5/2420
ECON 2003 090Macroecon PrinciplesFA08-17WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn5/300
ECTC 2703 090Preschool CurriculumFA08-17WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan3/3025
ECTC 2803 290Infant/Toddler CurriculumF210-12WEB OnlineSpicher, Susan4/3025
EDUC 2053 090Development & LearningFA08-17WEB Online12/300
EDUC 2103 090Child & Adolescent LiteratureFA08-17WEB Online4/300
EDUC 2313 090Intro Educational TechFA08-17WEB OnlineSmith, Rachel1/120
ENGL 1113 090Composition IFA08-17WEB OnlineBaine, Jennifer24/240
ENGL 1113 091Composition IFA08-17WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda19/190
ENGL 1113 918Composition IFA08-17HSCSOnlineBaine, Jennifer1/10
ENGL 1113 919Composition IFA08-17HSCSOnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda3/150
ENGL 1123 090Composition IIFA08-17WEB OnlineBaine, Jennifer24/240
ENGL 1123 091Composition IIFA08-17WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda23/240
ENGL 2123 090Adv Grammar & CompFA08-17WEB OnlineMitchell, Carol6/240
ENGL 2213 090Literature IFA08-17WEB OnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda12/240
ENGL 2213 918Literature IFA08-17HSCSOnlineLee-Ernest, Rhonda0/10
HCIT 1153 090Health DeliveryFA08-17WEB OnlineAskins, Constance13/300
HCIT 2073 090Basic CodingFA08-17WEB OnlineHeyde, Susan13/30224
HCIT 2081 090Basic Coding LabFA08-17WEB OnlineHeyde, Susan13/300
HCIT 2803 090Intro Med ScienceFA08-17WEB OnlineAskins, Constance15/300
HIST 1003 190Hist of Civ to 1700F108-17WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth12/300
HIST 1003 918Hist of Civ to 1700F108-17HSCSOnlineBridges, Kenneth6/60
HIST 2013 090Hist of US to 1876FA08-17WEB OnlineBridges, Kenneth17/300
HIST 2013 918Hist of US to 1876FA08-17HSCSOnlineBridges, Kenneth19/190
HPER 1403 090Per & Com HealthFA08-17WEB OnlineWhitmore, Nancy21/300
HSCI 1003 001Medical TerminologyFA08-17MW09:30am-10:50amWEB OnlineLand, Beverly9/240
HSCI 1003 090Medical TerminologyFA08-17WEB OnlineMcKinnon, Cheryl60/600
MATH 1023 090College AlgebraFA08-17WEB OnlineWilson, Christy38/440
MATH 1023 918College AlgebraFA08-17HSCSOnlineWilson, Christy4/40
MATH 1073 090Technical MathFA08-17WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita15/300
MATH 1083 090Math for Health ProfFA08-17WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley32/320
MATH 1083 091Math for Health ProfFA08-17WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley31/310
MATH 1083 092Math for Health ProfFA08-17WEB OnlineDougan, Ashley4/300
MATH 1113 090Mathematical ReasoningFA08-17WEB OnlineWilson, Christy9/290
MATH 2103 031Intro to StatisticsFA08-17WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita0/240
MATH 2103 090Intro to StatisticsFA08-17WEB OnlineMorgan, Vernita5/240
MGMT 1113 090Intro to ManagementFA08-17WEB OnlineRoomsburg, James28/300
MGMT 1114 090Practicum IFA08-17WEB OnlineLangston, Carolyn0/240
PHYS 1004 090Physical SciencesFA08-17WEB OnlineLayton, Bruce21/2335
PSCI 2003 090Amer Govt: NationalFA08-17WEB OnlineBarton, Mark7/300
PSYC 2003 090General PsychologyFA08-17WEB OnlineBagwell, Susan30/300
PSYC 2003 091General PsychologyFA08-17WEB OnlineWilson, Emily24/300
PSYC 2003 918General PsychologyFA08-17HSCSOnlineBagwell, Susan1/30
PSYC 2203 090Abnormal PsychFA08-17WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling11/300
PSYC 2223 090Developmental PsychFA08-17WEB OnlineClaypoole, Sterling28/600
RADT 1001 090Intro To RadiographyFA08-17WEB OnlineRoper, Kelly11/300
RADT 1101 090Med Term/RadiographersFA08-17WEB OnlineRoper, Kelly12/120
RADT 2022 090Basic Comp TomograghFA08-17WEB OnlineRoper, Kelly10/120
RNSG 2311 090NCLEX-RN PreparationFA08-1703:00pm-08:30pmWEB OnlineArrington, Sherri48/500
SASC 0103 090SouthArk SuccessFA08-17WEB OnlineJones, Elizabeth47/600
SASC 1101 090Campus TechnologyFA08-17WEB OnlineCagle, Benjamin182/45015
SOCI 2003 090Intro to SociologyFA08-17WEB OnlineAndrews, Larry22/300
SOCI 2003 091Intro to SociologyFA08-17WEB OnlineSpivey, Kensel7/300
SPCH 1113 090Principles of SpeechFA08-17WEB OnlineOden, Lisa25/250
SPCH 1113 918Principles of SpeechFA08-24HSCSOnlineOden, Lisa11/110
THEA 2003 090Theatre AppreciationFA08-17WEB OnlineHall, Gary21/2410