Spring 2019 SouthArk Course Listing

The fee shown includes Testing, Insurance, Travel, Screening, Professional, and other fees directlty associated with a course.
Course Number Course Title Term Starts Days TimeCampus Location Instructor Enrollment Fees
ACCT 2003 090Prin of Accounting ISP01-09WEB Online Langston, Carolyn6/300
ACCT 2103 090Prin of Accounting IISPCANCELLED0/300
ACCT 2113 090Computerized AccountingSP01-09WEB Online Langston, Carolyn13/300
ADMS 1003 090Introductory AcctSP01-09WEB Online Roomsburg, James11/300
ARTI 2003 090Art AppreciationSP01-09WEB Online Mercer, Lindsay24/300
BIOL 1004 090Fund of BiologySP01-09WEB Online Connior, Matthew15/3030
BIOL 2003 090Nutrition & DietSP01-09WEB Online Wache, Susanne32/350
BIOL 2003 091Nutrition & DietSP01-09WEB Online Wache, Susanne29/350
BIOL 2064 090Anat & Phys ISP01-09WEB Online Connior, Matthew30/3330
BIOL 2064 091Anat & Phys ISP01-09WEB Online Connior, Matthew28/3030
BIOL 2074 090Anat & Phys IISP01-09WEB Online Smith, William18/3030
BIOL 2074 091Anat & Phys IISP01-09WEB Online Smith, William13/3030
BIOL 2074 092Anat & Phys IISP01-09WEB Online Everett, Keith31/3230
BLAW 2013 090Legal Env of BusinessSP01-09WEB Online Barton, Mark20/300
BSTD 0413 090Elem AlgebraSP01-09WEB Online Morgan, Vernita24/3030
BSTD 0513 090Interm AlgebraSP01-09WEB Online Dougan, Ashley22/3030
BSTD 0613 090English IISP01-09WEB Online Everett, Janet15/240
BUSI 1003 090Amer Enterprise SystmSP01-09WEB Online Roomsburg, James15/300
BUSI 2063 090Bus CommunicationsSP01-09WEB Online Travis, Kaci21/240
CRJU 1103 090Intro to Criminal JusticeSP01-09WEB Online Champion, Micheal12/240
CSCI 1003 090Comp & Info ProcessSP01-09WEB Online Hendricks, Donna30/3025
CSCI 1003 091Comp & Info ProcessSP01-09WEB Online Turner, Roslyn26/3025
CSCI 1003 092Comp & Info ProcessSP01-09WEB Online Badgley, Vicki26/3025
CSCI 1003 290Comp & Info ProcessS203-04WEB Online Badgley, Vicki26/3025
CSCI 2143 090Microcomp: Bus AppsSP01-09WEB Online Hendricks, Donna11/3025
ECED 1033 090Practicum ISP01-09WEB Online Spicher, Susan6/2420
ECED 1043 090Ethics & ProfessionalismSP01-09WEB Online Spicher, Susan9/2420
ECON 2103 090Microeconomic PrinciplesSP01-09WEB Online Langston, Carolyn11/300
EDUC 2313 090Intro Educational TechSP01-09WEB Online Smith, Rachel9/2420
ENGL 1113 090Composition ISP01-09WEB Online Lee-Ernest, Rhonda24/240
ENGL 1113 091Composition ISP01-09WEB Online Lee-Ernest, Rhonda10/240
ENGL 1123 090Composition IISP01-09WEB Online Lee-Ernest, Rhonda20/240
ENGL 1123 091Composition IISP01-09WEB Online Baine, Jennifer29/310
ENGL 1123 092Composition IISP01-09WEB Online Baine, Jennifer1/200
ENGL 2213 090Literature ISP01-09WEB Online Lee-Ernest, Rhonda14/300
GEOG 2003 090Intro to GeographySP01-09WEB Online Bridges, Kenneth9/300
HCIT 1003 090Medical TerminologySP01-09WEB Online McKinnon, Cheryl32/400
HCIT 2173 090Reimbursement MethodSP01-09WEB Online Heyde, Susan5/240
HCIT 2183 090Adv Medical Coding IISP01-09WEB Online Heyde, Susan5/2436
HCIT 2191 090Practice Coding IISP01-09WEB Online Heyde, Susan5/240
HCIT 2262 090Medical Ethics & LawSP01-09WEB Online Heyde, Susan7/240
HCIT 2803 090Intro to Medical ScienceSP01-09WEB Online Heyde, Susan3/40
HIST 1003 290Hist of Civ to 1700S203-04WEB Online Bridges, Kenneth7/300
HIST 1013 190Hist of Civ Since 1700S101-09WEB Online Bridges, Kenneth13/300
HIST 2023 090Hist of US Since 1876SP01-09WEB Online Bridges, Kenneth13/300
HIST 2033 190Hist of ArkansasS101-09WEB Online Bridges, Kenneth10/300
HIST 2043 290African-American HistoryS203-04WEB Online Bridges, Kenneth6/300
HPER 1403 090Per & Com HealthSP01-09WEB Online Whitmore, Nancy16/300
MATH 1023 090College AlgebraSPCANCELLED0/3030
MATH 1023 091College AlgebraSP01-09WEB Online Wilson, Christy31/3830
MATH 1113 090Quantitative LiteracySP01-09WEB Online Dougan, Ashley1/10
MATH 2103 090Intro to StatisticsSP01-09WEB Online Morgan, Vernita15/300
MATH 2123 090Math for Health ProfSP01-09WEB Online Dougan, Ashley32/330
MATH 2123 091Math for Health ProfSP01-09WEB Online Dougan, Ashley28/330
MATH 2123 092Math for Health ProfSPCANCELLED0/300
MUSI 2003 090Music AppreciationSP01-09WEB Online Spencer, John19/300
PHIL 2003 090Intro to PhilosophySP01-09WEB Online Borland, Tully20/300
PHYS 1004 090Physical SciencesSP01-09WEB Online Layton, Bruce22/2480
PHYS 1004 091Physical SciencesSP01-09WEB Online Layton, Bruce14/2480
PSCI 2003 090Amer Govt: NationalSP01-09WEB Online Barton, Mark19/300
PSCI 2013 090Amer Govt:State/LocalSP01-09WEB Online Barton, Mark17/300
PSYC 2003 090General PsychologySP01-09WEB Online Claypoole, Sterling28/300
PSYC 2003 091General PsychologySP01-09WEB Online Smith, Emily27/300
PSYC 2203 090Abnormal PsychSP01-09WEB Online Claypoole, Sterling23/300
PSYC 2223 090Developmental PsychSP01-09WEB Online Claypoole, Sterling38/410
RADT 1001 090Intro to RadiographySP01-09WEB Online Haynes, Mandi22/240
RADT 1122 090Patient Care & Pro IISP01-09WEB Online Haynes, Mandi11/240
SASC 0103 090SouthArk SuccessSP01-09WEB Online Jones, Elizabeth31/600
SASC 1101 090Campus TechnologySP01-09WEB Online Cagle, Benjamin118/30015
SOCI 2003 090Intro to SociologySP01-09WEB Online Andrews, Larry27/300
SOCI 2033 090Marriage & the FamilySP01-09WEB Online Spivey, Kensel13/300
SPCH 1113 090Principles of SpeechSP01-09WEB Online Oden, Lisa16/300
THEA 2003 090Theatre AppreciationSP01-09WEB Online Hall, Gary13/300