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Payments are processed with the payment gateway using settings that are defined in the payment profile. You can create payment profiles for a form by going to Tools > Payment Profiles. Once the profile has been created, you will need to use a question on the form to choose the profile that should be used. This allows you to create multiple profiles and let a question on the form determine which one to use. Upon successful payment, a new receipt row will be available in the EX Receipt Entry screen to be processed.

 The payment profile should include a valid Transaction Code (AR Receipt Code or CashNet Item Code) before the payment will be processed successfully.

In this example, the balance will be calculated by the user choosing which shirt he/she would like to purchase, multiply by the number of shirts, and then add a $5 handling charge. Each shirt type has a different price and those prices are indicated in the Dbl Value column on the Options tab of the question. The balance is then calculated using Tools > Balance Calculator. 

If a collection grid should be used in calculating the final balance, an additional formula box will be displayed in the balance calculator that will be used to calculate the total of the collection grid before it is used in the final balance.


Which T-Shirt would you like to buy?


Number of shirts
(We used the integer validation on the Settings tab)