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Jenzabar University Application for Admission

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Candidacy Information

The first question on this page allows the user to choose the year and then dynamically populates the term based on the response to the first question. The second question's data source has a place holder called ##CandidacyYear that is associated with the year question on the Options tab. Defining ## placeholders in data sources requires that another question on the form be associated with that placeholder to be used as an input in the data source at the time it is executed. 


What year do you plan to begin your studies?


What term do you plan to begin your studies?


What type of student will you be?


Choose a program of study.

Name Information


First Name


Last Name






Birth Date



Citizenship Information


Citizen Of

Race Information


Race (Choose one or more)



Contact Information


Do you reside outside of the United States?


Address Line 1


Address Line 2


Zip Code








Primary Phone Number


Email Address


Confirm Email Address

Parent Information

The information on this page will be mapped to the Relationship tables in EX. Each Zip Code question has a Zip Code validation set on the question Settings tab to ensure the data is entered correctly.


Parent 1 First Name


Parent 1 Last Name


Parent 1 Address Line 1


Parent 1 Zip Code


Parent 2 First Name


Parent 2 Last Name


Parent 2 Address Line 1


Parent 2 Zip Code

School Information

This control allows the user to enter multiple records for the questions defined. As the user begins typing, schools are suggested from a list of schools defined in the database. These are controlled by the Auto Complete Datasource setting on the question Settings tab. Upon choosing the school and degree, the user can click Save to add the school to the form and may add another. The save button executes the Grid: Add action and copies the data from the source questions to the associated Grid (Collection Grid).

Upon submission, each row in the collection grid will show up as an Organization Tracking row based on the EX mapping.

Name of InstitutionDegree

State of Institution




Name of Institution




Test Information

Test CodeTest Date

Test Code


Test Date


*Hidden Test Part Count


Test Part 1


Score 1


Test Part 2


Score 2


Test Part 3


Score 3


Test Part 4


Score 4


Test Part 5


Score 5



The documents uploaded here will be formatted using the File Name Format setting as a naming template. They will be stored in the File Upload root (from Form Settings) until the form is submitted at which time the Candidacy Attachment mappings will be executed to move the documents to the EX Attachments tab in the Maintain Candidacy window.


Please upload a document for your personal essay.

No file selected

Please upload a document for your current resume.

No file selected

This application requires a $50 application fee due at the time of submission via credit card. If you have been provided a waiver code, you may enter the waiver code in the box below in place of paying the application fee.


Waiver Code