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On this tab, there is one single button in the bottom right that will change to Tab 2 when clicked. If you inspect the Properties of the button, on the Events tab we are using the event action called Change Tab and setting the target tab to Tab 2. In this configuration, the button will always switch the form to Tab 2 when clicked. If Tab 2  is not visible, nothing will happen.

Each tab in this form is using the Tab: Update Progress action on the Previous and Next buttons to place a check mark on the tab to indicate that the user has completed the requirement. If and authenticated user leaves the form without submitting and attempt to access it again, they will be presented with a modal allowing them to pick up where they left off.

On this tab, there are two buttons available. The Previous button in the bottom left will take you to Tab 1 if clicked. Inspecting the Properties of that button will show that we are using the Change Tab action and have statically set the target tab to Tab 1. The Next button in the bottom right will take you to the next visible tab in the form. Inspecting the Properties of that button will show that we are using the Change Tab action with Next Tab selected.  If Tab 3 is visible when the button is clicked it will be displayed, otherwise the next visible tab will be shown.

The RadioButtons in the middle of the form can be used to show or hide Tab 3. Practice changing the values to show or hide the tab and then inspect the Properties and review the Events tab. If the value selected is "Show Tab 3" the Show Tab action is executed, otherwise the Hide Tab action is executed. Try hiding the tab and then clicking Next to navigate to Tab 4.


Set visibility

This tab may or may not be visible depending on the setting chosen on Tab 2. The Previous and Next buttons on this page are using the Change Tab action and are statically referencing their respective tabs.

This tab contains two buttons: one to return to the previous tab and one to start over. The Start Over button has a static Change Tab reference to Tab 1 while the Previous button is set to change to the Previous Tab. Using this method, if the previous tab is not visible the user is transferred to the last visible tab.